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Windows Snapshot Grabber  v.2013.5.129

Windows Snapshot Grabber can capture window to get Title, Class, Font and etc.

PDF Layout

Customize the startup options for your PDF files. You may decide whether to hide toolbar and menubar, display document title, resize window on startup, show in full screen mode, center window, center window, show thumbnail, show outline, hide window user


MultiMon TaskBar PRO  v.

MultiMon TaskBar Pro includes support for Windows XP, Media Center (Royale on XP) and Vista (Royale Noir) themes. The buttons to resize window across two or three monitors (good for spreadsheets etc..) have been added.

Auto Window Manager

Auto Window Manager automatically manages any window you specify. It can set application windows to automatically maximize (minimize, normal, minimize to tray, stay on top)every time they start. It also can auto refresh Internet Explorer at custom

Windows Controller  v.

Let you to use hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+K ) to set the active window's position and size to custom values; and move or resize each edge of the active window making it align to other window edges. Changes made can be multiple undo and redo.

AROW  v.1.0

AROW organizes open windows on your Mac OS X. You can instantly resize, position, arrange windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of the screen. You can customize window buttons actions or keyboard shortcut for quick window management.

DVMP Basic  v.2.0

DVMP Basic plays AVI files captured from a DV camcorder and displays the following information that was stored by the camera in the metadata area of the DV AVI file.

ArtSage  v.1.00.04

ArtSage (formerly ArtSee) is a small JPG slideshow program. ArtSage is a small slideshow software that will display the JPG files in a folder tree.ArtSage Features and Options - Slideshow (slideshow, timer, windowed/fullscreen/wallpaper, stay on top)

Wmgw  v.0.40

Image viewer with tiny filters, View images with wmgw. Keys and Wheel mouse: * Button-1 + Drag: Clip-area rectangle's rubber band(Button-2 to cut) * Ctrl + Button-1 + Drag: Drift image * Page-Up, Down: Vertical image scroll * Shift + Page-Up, Down:

MultiMonitor TaskBar  v.1.0

MultiMonitor TaskBar is A shiny new windows task Bar for your multiple monitors! If you never tried Multiple Monitors and you have resources for second monitor and dual monitor video card do it!

Mac FLV Player For Free  v.1.0

As an excellent Flash video player, Sothink Free FLV Player for Mac is small sized and completely free for users to play FLV video files on Mac OS.

Actual Window Manager  v.7.5

Actual Window Manager is a suite of over 50 innovative tools, letting users change their interaction with windows in many new exciting ways: minimize windows to tray or to an icon on the desktop, apply transparency, roll up, pin on top, resize, etc.

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